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Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Autorun Virus Remover v3.1.0422 | Rek 5 Milyar

http://uangdownload.net/dimages/103-autorun-virus-remover-v310422-131030.jpg-ScreenShoot Autorun Virus Remover v3.1.0422

Autorun Virus Remover v3.1.0422 - Silent Installation | 3 MB

Autorun Virus Remover - an innovative and comprehensive software, a series of "Must Have" (should be), provides 100%, not 90, as usual advanced proactive protection against malicious attacks or infiltration by a computer hundreds of usb / autorun viruses and worms Trojans such as Ravmon, auto.exe, with any excess of today's popular USB storage (flash drives): USB drive; USB stick; pen drive; flash drive; flash card; secure digital card; removable storage; portable storage; ipod; media player, etc. The program does not require a conventional anti-virus software update their signature database, which is particularly important when the computer is not connected to the Internet and in off-line.

Consumes few resources and closes a window of vulnerability without affecting the working environment and not interfering with habitual work. Is 100% compatible with any application software, as well as the new operating system Vista. Works regardless of the level of training the user to easily - once you install it and forget.

The world's fastest and smallest antivirus software:

With Autorun Virus Remover, it's not necessary to sacrifice speed for detection and scanning. Compare antivirus software and you'll discover that Autorun Virus Remover is by far one of the smallest applications in the industry. For example, the Autorun Virus Remover installer is just 1 MB. The program utilizes approximately 1 to 7 MB of RAM.

Released: 2011
OC: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: English

Download file:
No. 12 A
Kategori [Software]
Sub kategori Anti Virus (A)
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