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Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Kroncong of the Independence War (Evergreen TTS 563) | Rek 5 Milyar

Kroncong of the Independence War (Evergreen TTS 563)

Band: Brig.Jen S. Pirngadi
Year 1965
Genre: Kroncong.

Most of the songs on this site were uploaded many years after I bought the records, but this one I recently acquired in Rotterdam, at a collectors shop. I do not want to talk about money, but the price equals let's say two glasses of beer, or a very Big Mac, a bottle of cheap wine, 2 litres of gas ( bensin ) in that range . While a hamburger or a glass of beer goes in in out the body, the pleasure of having another collectible item lasts longer. When seeing the record in the shop it is about the same of meeting a well known person whose existence is known already, but not yet met face by face. I already had some knowledge, but just by a glance at the cover.

I have seen the record in other collections, its not very rare I think, but the content is of historical interest, because the songs are inspired by the Indonesian war for independence in the years following the second world war.

The style can be described a "romantic kroncong" with heroic content in a poetical way. In fact the Kroncong Music became national music on recordings like this one.
The record is recorded in Indonesia by Irama in 1965, but for one reason or another it is manufactured in Japan by Toshiba.

The record itself is made of red plastic and transparent.
It is from the radio days, the later Pop singers were still at school, To be heard exclusively the older generation like Sajekti with her characteristic voice, Rita Zaharah, which we already met on playlist nr. 038

There is already a description on the backside of the record visible here below.

The song titles are also transated on the record cover:

"Sepasang Mata Bola" - a pair of bright eyes -. ( a soldier going to battle sees a bright ewed girl just as he is boarding a train to battle. Its like her eyes begging him to stand strong and protect the country.

"Pemuda Pemudi" is translated a "Boy and Girl" but its not just a boy and a girl but patriotic young brigadists who joined the battle or supported the soldiers.

"Rangkaian Melati" - a garland of jasmine - It ties the hearts of a couple, the man far away on the battlefield.

"Pahlawan Merdeka" - Hero of Liberty

"Selendang Sutra" - shawl of silk

"Telaga Biru" - Blue lake

"Saputangan Dari Bandung Selatan" - The handkerchief from south Bandung - It can be used for waving goodbye to the hero going to battle and also to wipe away tears of sadness,

"Medan Bakti" - Battle field

"Stambul Merdeka" - Song of liberty - In fact "Stambul" is a special way of singing originating from the street theatre from the old days, narrating the stage acts.

"Gugur Bunga" - Fallen flower - Her man his fallen on the battlefield, her sadness is is eased by remembering he was a great hero.

"Petir" - Lightning

"Bandung Selatan Diwaktu Malam" - Evening in South Bandung

Ismael Marzuki composed most of the songs. He was honoured for it. In Jakarta on the grounds of the former zoo a exhibiton area was laid out to become a place for cultural events, the Ismail Marzuki Gardens ( Taman Ismail Marzuki )

- Sepasang Mata Bola - (Ismail Marzuki):Sajekti and Choir
- Pemuda Pemudi - (Sujudi M.):Sujudi M.
- Rangkaian Melati - (Arimah):Rita Zaharah
- Pahlawan Merdeka:M. Rivany
- Selendang Sutra - (Ismail Marzuki):Isnarti
- Telaga Biru - (Arimah):Sajekti
- Saputangan Dari Bandung Selatan - (Ismail Marzuki):Isnarti, M. Rivany and choir
- Medan Bakti - (Rita Zaharah):Rita Zaharah
- Stambul Merdeka:Sujudi M.
- Gugur Bunga - (Ismail Marzuki):Sajekti
- Petir - (Sarimono):Isnarti
- Bandung Selatan Diwaktu Malam - ( Ismail Marzuki ):M. Rivany and choir

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