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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Stop Software Installation Tool | Rek 5 Milyar

http://preview.filesonic.com/img/57/7c/9a/3361001.jpg-ScreenShoot Stop Software Installation Tool

Preventusers of your computer from installing unwanted software with passwordprotection. Children download programs, play games, and tinker withcomputers. Questionable programs and changes to settings can slow downyour computer or disable important functions. Irreparable damage can bedone to your operating system, files, and settings.

Is there a way to prevent them from doing this and how can you keep your children from destroying your computer YES.

StopSoftware Installation will allow you to prevent users of your computerfrom installing unwanted software with password protection. You canspecify rules according files masks to block software installersexecution. Keep PC in order and make your life easy with this tool.

Here are some key features of Stop Software Installation Tool:

· Set the administrator password to prevent software installation, change program settings, uninstall the Stop Software Installation Tool;
· Specify the list of rules with files masks to block certain file execution;
· Define users who may or not to install programs on your PC;
· Start the program in the hidden mode or with the tray icon;
· Use the hot key to activate the program;
· Control users activities with the log file. 

Download file:
No. 19 E
Kategori [Software]
Sub kategori Utilities (E)   klik disini  (harus login dulu)

Untuk dapat mendownload file di Paid Member harus upgrade dulu ke Paid Invest !!! keterangan lebih lanjut klik di www.rekening5milyar.com

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